Play mat, crawling mat, educational mat – Which one do I need?
Play mat, crawling mat, educational mat – Which one do I need?

Why does a child need a play mat?

Already for approximately 3-month-old Baby, the play mat should be the child's most frequent place when he is active (i.e. when he is not sleeping, eating, we are not taking care of his hygiene). Importantly, it is advisable for the baby to lie both on its back and on its tummy. At this age, your baby can already fall off the bed or sofa with small movements, so there is room for free play on the floor! On a properly selected surface, the child can develop comfortably and healthily.
The mat and healthy motor development
Why is motor development so important? A newborn person develops comprehensively. All areas are directly linked to each other. Physical development, especially gross motor skills (movement, movements of the body and limbs) influence not only future physical fitness, learning to walk or sit up. It also has a key role in intellectual development, the development of speech skills, and in further stages - writing, reading, etc.
A safe surface (a good play mat), appropriate stimulation of movements by a playmate and props will provide the right space for healthy development.


A good play mat – what should you pay attention to?

A baby mat is primarily intended to provide the baby with an appropriate, safe surface. According to the recommendations of physiotherapists, the surface for the first "exercises" - tumbling, crawling, crawling or learning to walk - should be medium-hard. The mat must absorb potential falls, but the child's limbs must not sink into it. The mat must also stick stably to the floor so that the child does not move or slide with the mat. We do not use pillows, blankets or other soft, moving products.
Children's mats based on natural rubber stick to the floor very well, and at the same time, using the natural properties of rubber, they provide cushioning despite the small thickness of the material.

A mat for a little allergy sufferer.

When choosing a mat for a baby or a small allergy sufferer, it is especially important that it is made of non-toxic material, which must be confirmed by an appropriate certificate. The mat should also be easy to clean, and dust mites and cleaning agents cannot remain in the pores of the product. Therefore, layered products will be ideal - the bottom will provide adequate stabilization, and the top will provide a safe coating for the child, which the child will be able to freely touch with the mouth, delicate skin or nose.

What is an educational mat?

An educational mat is nothing more than a space for a child, constructed in such a way as to provide an appropriate base and stimulants for development in the form of toys, books or other elements that will interest the child. You can successfully organize such a space yourself, selecting elements appropriate to the child's stage of development. With one mat, you can first place a baby gym on it and diversify the play with age-appropriate books or other sensory toys. As the child develops, we replace stimulants with age-appropriate ones.

Play mat or carpet?

The mat is a more universal solution. It is suitable for both babies and older children. Carpets are not recommended as a base for the youngest children due to: individual hairs that come off and can be swallowed by children, lack of cushioning and, often, the impossibility of thoroughly cleaning them from dust mites or dirt.
A rubber mat can successfully replace a carpet in an older child's room, and it will also be a favorite place for arranging puzzles or small blocks, such as LEGO.

Why do rubber mats work so well as a play mat for children?

Rubber is a raw material of natural origin, thanks to its properties it creates a heavy, elastic and adhesive substrate. The processing process does not leave toxic fumes, and its structure makes it difficult for pieces to break off when a pet bites or scratches them with its claws. Combining rubber with printed anti-allergic material not only provides a stable, functional base, but can also be a great room decoration.

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