Gugu the Hero mat with the view of physiotherapist

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 You often ask me where I can arrange babies for everyday activities? MY answer - on the mat! Another question arises. What mat to choose? Just today I want to recommend you one of the mats that I had the opportunity to test.


Before we move on to the Gugu the Hero mat, I will remind you what features an ideal mat for babies should have.

- the mat should be made of medium-hard plastic

- it should meet the conditions for depreciation

- when placed on the floor, it should lie stable and not slip on the surface

- it's good if you could wash it easily

- it should be made of safe material / material



Why is placing babies on the mat so important?

 Because almost all motor skills are learned on a flat, medium-hard surface.

 On a medium-hard surface, the toddler trains the stability of his body and learns to push into the ground, not to use a pulling pattern. On the mat, the child exercises his muscles because he can move freely and most importantly, he will not fall off it.

Rubber mat from Gugu the Hero - what does the manufacturer write?

 It is made of natural biodegradable rubber and a layer of delicate microfiber printed with safe paints. Thanks to its properties, a layer of rubber that is already a few millimeters provides shock absorption. The mat adheres perfectly to the floor, a baby crawling or learning to walk has a stable base with no high edges that could be tripped over. The delicate top layer gives the comfort of a pleasant carpet.



Our observations!

 - The mat is made very aesthetically and, what is important, right after opening it does not have the characteristic smell that often accompanies other mats!

 - The mat sticks to the ground steadily and does not slip. It is very important! Because thanks to this, the toddler can steadily assume a quadruple position, sit down or try the first strength while standing upright.

 - We have several color versions to choose from! We decided on Nighty Night. All mats are in subdued colors, which has a very good effect on the nervous system of the child.


The great advantage is that it is intended for 0+ children and does not contain Phthalate-free, BPA, PVC-free


If you are looking for the perfect mat - we recommend it with Franie!


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